Development Goals

Together with KCC, Destiny Medical Centre will align with 10 of the Sustainable Development Goals

Our Impact Aims

*According to the WHO, restoring sight is one of the most cost effective health interventions to reduce poverty.

We aim to

Provide 500 subsidised spectacles every 6 months.
Run 3 eye outreach clinics every year including providing cataract surgery.

We aim to

Provide at least 200 free false teeth or dentures per year and at least 400 free teeth extractions or fillings per year during our outreach clinics.

“Education intervention reduces the development and progression of caries and extractions.”

70% of the disease burden in Uganda can be prevented through health promotion and disease prevention.

We aim to

Support Community Health Workers to deliver education about nutrition, disease prevention, antenatal care, eye health and oral health to the community.

Our Target Impact Group

Women and children are the population groups that are in greatest need of help and hold the highest potential for social and economic transformation of Africa so they will be the groups we aim to impact most.

The clinic is already having an impact

The annual dental check clinic for the KCC children was held in the DMC building in January

During the clinic, a girl had a treatment providing her with a full new set of teeth,
performed by a local Ugandan dental practitioner

In June 2018 a set of triplets was brought to KCC, one of whom had bilateral club feet.
Doctors from Mulago Hospital performed the Ponseti method on him at DMC. Today he walks normally.

In October 2022 when the clinic was installed, 2 days of dental & eyecare outreach clinics were held.

In the dental outreach clinic:

117 patients were treated (90 female (77%), 27 male)

99 teeth were extracted

10 dentures were made


In the eyecare outreach clinic,
293 patients seen (234 female (80%), 59 male)

100 pairs of reading glasses were dispensed (= 34% of attendees)

12% of the patients seen needed cataract operations – 0% could afford them