Ode to Kerri

Kerri and Andrew have long had a special place in their hearts for Kampala Children’s Centre in Wakiso, and the Destiny Africa choir. Andrew was born in Uganda and spent his early years living near Wakiso which was what first drew them to become involved. From the outset and after a first meeting with the choir Kerri was totally hooked and in love with the children, staff and everything that KCC stands for. She became involved at many levels: organising mission trips from the UK to KCC, organising choir tours around the UK, sponsoring children, fundraising, and prayer. She would have been right alongside Dee with her sleeves rolled up leading from the front to see the new medical centre fully funded, equipped and serving KCC and the wider community, a community she knew and loved. Sadly, Kerri died before she could see the medical centre up and running but many who knew her affectionately as Aunty Kerri will smile when they see a room at the centre named after her. This centre is a glorious vision in the heart of a vibrant community and all the medical needs that go with that. Kerri shared that vision and saw at first hand the need for a medical facility, not just for KCC but for the whole community. It is the culmination of many years hard work and fund raising, but the efforts must continue. So, if you can, please share a piece of Kerri’s love for the children and staff at KCC and the people of Wakiso by donating towards the medical centre

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