Mission trip

In 2012 there was a mission trip from the UK to provide free medical care from Destiny Bridge church. Over the period of 5 days, in the pop-up medical clinics we saw almost 1000 patients, the number increasing each day as the news of free consultations and free medication as well as non-discriminatory care spread. Some people travelled more than 60km to come to the clinic. The variety of illnesses that people presented with were far and wide. We did what we could to help but it was abundantly clear that medical care in Uganda was very inadequate and largely inaccessible to most. The combination of the 2012 mission and the children’s deaths the following year led to an igniting of what had long been a part of Arnold’s vision for the type of care that the Destiny Africa model would provide… far-reaching and impacting care offered to as many people as possible; care that would offer hope and a better future. Quality medical care as accessible to the children of KCC, as to the children and families at the schools as well as to members of the much wider community around KCC. Medical care where the emphasis is on the care as much as on the affordability and quality. And so began the long journey of the birth of a medical clinic on-site at KCC which would aim to reduce poverty through the provision of quality medical, dental and optical care as well as the offer of employment and training opportunities

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